Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations

DJCPA has more than two decades of providing investigative service to the Federal Government. Our employees have served as employees and contractors to numerous Federal agencies and therefore have a unique understanding of the workings and culture of the Federal Government. Our EEO Investigators provide impartial, confidential fact-finding, as well as neutral counseling and mediation resources. DJCPA has a fully trained and qualified staff of EEO practitioners, which includes retired Federal Investigators, Attorneys, CPA’s, and other experienced EEO professionals. DJCPA believes in providing our customers with the best Federal EEO investigative solutions—always thriving to exceed our customer’s expectations. The Firm is committed to providing exceptional EEO services, including investigations, counseling services, and ADR/Mediation services.


  • EEO Counseling – counselors interview aggrieved persons, involved parties, and witnesses to attempt to resolve informal allegations of discrimination at the lowest possible level
  • EEO Mediation – mediators facilitate an open discussion between parties involved in the alleged discrimination and assist with negotiating a mutually agreeable solution
  • EEO Investigation – our professionals perform interviews and document reviews to develop an impartial and factual record to facilitate findings on claims of discrimination
  • EEO Training – our internal training component develops and delivers EEO-related training on-site and via our distance learning platform
  • Acceptance/Dismissal Letters – EEO professionals accurately apply government directives to a complaint of discrimination and clearly articulate its validity to the complainant
  • Analysis and FAD Writing – we provide the technical writing skills necessary to present findings of a complaint of investigation, including a determination of whether discrimination occurred

Our EEO professionals handle all personally identifiable information matters discretely and ensure your EEO matters are handled expeditiously without compromising the security of the information entrusted to us.

Money Laundering Investigations

Money laundering entails taking criminal profits and moving them in a prohibited manner to give the appearance of legitimacy. Criminals or persons acting on their behalf, generate proceeds in the form of money or property by committing a crime designated as a specified unlawful activity (SUA). Criminals then move that SUA money with the intent to disguise the nature, location, source, ownership, or control of the funds; this is s known as “concealment” money laundering. Alternatively, in “promotion” money laundering, they reinvest the SUA money in their illicit activity to ensure its continuing nature. Either theory suffices for a money laundering charge. It is the responsibility of legal counsel to ascertain the facts and determine which of the money laundering statutes is/are appropriate for the circumstances.

Asset Forfeiture Investigations

Federal asset forfeiture laws permit the government to take ownership of money and property belonging to criminals based on proof developed during during an l investigation. Although sending a convicted criminal to prison is a deterrent to the commission of future crimes, the deterrence becomes much more powerful when combined with the arsenal of asset forfeiture laws that deprive criminals of everything that motivated them to commit the crimes in the first place. Similar to approaching money laundering crimes, attorney involvement in asset forfeitures involves closely examining the facts to determine the presence an SUA and to conduct a strict tracing of the money or other assets derived from that SUA.

Forensic Accounting Services

Whatever the complexity or urgency of the situation your organization faces, forensic accounting services can provide seasoned support and solutions. We combine forensic accounting and investigative skills to organizations (and their lawyers) that are facing issues with financial and legal implications,to help them make intelligent, informed decisions whether in the boardroom or the courtroom. Dealing with suspicions of white-collar crime requires much more than simple know-how. It requires speed, sensitivity and discretion. It also requires an in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory frameworks in each jurisdiction. We understand the importance of reacting quickly and confidentially to a crisis situation. We appreciate the need to stop illegal activity, safeguard your company’s assets and reputation, prevent recurrences, and arrive at a resolution—with as little disruption as possible to the regular flow of business.

IRS Representation

Professional representation can be vital during any encounter with the IRS, whether you are being Audited or you are the subject of a Criminal Investigation. We, as teams, consisted of retired IRS Criminal Investigators, CPAs, and Attorneys, have decades of experience working for the IRS. This firm is built on that expertise, providing service to clients based on inside knowledge of how the IRS works. When you or one of your clients faces an IRS problem, we want to be a resource for you and your firm.

Training in Money Laundering Techniques

Our Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Training Program is taught by skilled attorneys and criminal investigators and is designed for law enforcement professionals; Investigators, Internal Auditors, Inspectors and Prosecuting Attorneys. The course provides a complete overview of the money laundering and asset forfeiture investigative process.

Monitoring Indicted, Restrained, Seized, and Forfeited Businesses

We monitor real property subject to forfeiture to maintain its value and ensure its security and availability upon forfeiture. ; Through commercial sales, we dispose of the real property following forfeiture within the time periods called for in the performance standards; we achieve maximum sales revenue consistent with the law enforcement objectives of the program; we transfer or release real property that is forfeited to an innocent party or lien holder; we transfer real property to a Federal, State, or local agency when such transfer is authorized by the Attorney General; and we transfer real property to private entities through Department of Justice-sanctioned programs.

Federal Background Investigations

The interests of the national security require that all persons privileged to be employed in the departments and agencies of the government shall be reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and of complete and unswerving loyalty to the United States. This means that the appointment of each civilian employee in any department or agency of the government is subject to investigation. The scope of the investigation will vary, depending on the nature of the position and the degree of harm that an individual in that position could cause.

Expert and Summary Testimony Regarding Complex Financial Crimes

An expert witness is a specialist who uses special knowledge, skill, training or experience to provide testimony to aid the fact finder.