Private Detective Agency Georgia

We are a Private Detective Agency, licensed by the Georgia Secretary of State Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. We have decades of experience in conducting investigations at the highest level of the Federal government. We chose to add a private investigation agency to our firm because the state of Georgia requires that the investigator is licensed in the state of Georgia to conduct certain investigations.

The Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies administers “The Private Detective & Security Agencies Act” to safeguard the citizens of this state by regulation of private detective and security businesses. The Board consists of seven members appointed by the Governor. The Board has the authority to determine qualifications of applicants for licensure and to investigate complaints and take appropriate disciplinary action.

David Jones CPA PC


Agency License # PDE050504

Professional Investigator Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements to be a private detective (investigator)?

In Georgia, private detectives (investigators) must be licensed by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. Among the basic background and statutory requirements, only those with the following will be considered for licensure:

2 years prior licensed as a private investigator (apprenticeship)
2 years of experience as a law enforcement officer
4-year criminal justice (or closely related) degree

What is the difference between a private detective and a private investigator?

There is no difference; however, in Georgia, the state statute for the license refers to this industry as a “private detective” instead of “investigator.” It’s just a matter of terminology.

Do I get my private investigator license after taking a course? Can I start my business immediately?

No. After completion of a course, you must apply to the Georgia Secretary of State’s professional licensing board and take the STATE LICENSING EXAM. Upon meeting all the prerequisites and successful completion of the exam, you may obtain your license.

What if I do not have any of the qualifying experience?

You may become a registered private detective (apprentice) under a license holder for 2 years. This will then give you the requisite experience to become licensed in this state if all other criteria are met.

I am confused. What is the difference between a registered private investigator and a licensed private investigator in Georgia?

A registered private investigator (detective) is one that works under the guidance of a licensed investigator in this state. He or she is an employee that is registered with the company directly and during that term satisfies the 2-year statutory requirement for applying for licensure.

A licensed private investigator (detective) is the company owner, the one individual who has met and passed all state requirements. The licensed investigator may register as many investigators as needed under his or her license.

Can you go out and do your own business and work cases once you are registered?

No, you must have a license to operate a private detective business. A registration as a private investigator under a license holder is not sufficient to practice in this industry.

I am a former or current police officer. Do I still need to take a class?

Yes, the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies requires that all applicants complete a 70-hour training course in private investigation taught by a certified instructor before he or she can be licensed as a company owner or registered under one.

Can I take a class that meets the State of Georgia pre-licensure requirements?

Yes, there are classes that exceed the state requirement and is taught and facilitated by state board certified instructors.

What are some of the topics I can expect to learn about?

Topics include but are not limited to investigation, interviewing, interrogation, surveillance, report writing, crime scene analysis, insurance fraud, retail security, family law investigations, Georgia law and rules of evidence.

I have been arrested and convicted of a crime. Can I still be a private investigator?

Georgia law states that applicants may not have any felony conviction, conviction of family violence or moral turpitude related offenses. Misdemeanor and traffic offenses are not necessarily a disqualifier.